Monday, July 14, 2008

A long lost POST That I never Published

Today is another of those wonderful days where I have made my man and my parents proud. Today I experienced a sense of satisfaction that's rare... I felt like I have achieved something... Maybe I am being too hasty in saying that... can't help it, in all this I was All alone... can't help saying that neither... You must be wondering what the reason behind such Cheer is, well I had an opportunity to help a wonderful Photographic project to be realized in Hyderabad.

I feel a huge sense of gratitude towards my man who made me discover Photography as a subject, until he came into my life it was just something that happened in weddings for me... I have enjoyed being his subject, Guess that's how he instigated my interest in it. I still can only look into the lens but not through them... I enjoy being on the other side of it, and am dreadfully confused to be on the click side.

So today was the official projection of the pictures taken by the group of 11 photographers in India along with the ones taken in Hyderabad by Olivier Culmann. A very original (composing) photographer, he explores the options of placing 2 contrasting elements to narrate a theme.

My boss seemed exhilarated to see the reception today, many were curious to see what a French man sees in India, and the results were wonderful and specially with the Theme that they have chosen is not just original but enlightening of sorts to us Indians, On how fast the cities changed in the recent past… The BOOK mirrors all contrast that our country is, the regularity in chaos the coexistence of religion glamour politics modernity traditions and myths and research centers that India is, The story of the burning enthusiastic sub continent; that is called MAD IN INDIA,

Olivier had a chapter in the book Hanuman sapiens