Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan, Meri jaan hai MUMBAI !!! My nations heart is bleeding !!!!!

Joshua: Those Mumbai attacks were crazy! WTF!
me: YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't sleep a wink last night :(
Joshua: Oh Hai !!! we have AK-47's and grenades...

me: :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

me: I want to know what someone like me can do about it
Joshua: You, nothing ; Me, Nothing

me: And they captured westners
Joshua: I can't even carry a firearm here

Not sit here like this

Joshua: Support your police
me: No no
Not retaliate again with Violence

Joshua: Believe me, if I was at there I would rather have had a gun...
me: :(
NO !!!!!!
Maybe YEAH
to shoot them down at that point

Joshua: Yep
me: but what about their camarades ?????
We have let fear take over us

Joshua: It's a big urban environment where they take advantage of no one else having guns
they have the initiative, so a few guys with pistols at the right time could shift the balance of the fight
you hit them when they don't expect it you have a chance to save a lot of people
me: yeah but future ???

Joshua: thats why by the time the police show up so many get killed, they have lost crucial minutes while terrorists get set up...
me: yeah but future ??? and what about those who come back
Joshua: In the future have a plan

me: and what if we get used to the idea of carrying guns to surprise
Joshua: don't go anywhere you don't know two ways out of..

me: and what happens to the world that JUST GETS USED to shooting when they think there is trouble :( NO JOSH
Joshua: You do more good not having a gun 99% of the time
me: :( NO JOSH
Joshua: Like I said, 99% of the time, guns are no good
me: yeah.
Joshua: this was a 1% er though...
me: That 1% counts The INDIAN POLICE which is SUPPOSED carry guns and protect
Joshua: On the plus side, once the Oberoi statistically it's the safest hotel in India...
Oberoi re-opens
me: yeah.. to construct new crappy looking builidings after having our national heritage Bombed :( :( :(

Joshua: You have to remember the problem with an event like is that no expects it. In wars there are fights a lot worse than this, but it is normal, it feels less bad because you know it's coming...
Joshua: 1000 TIMES more people died in the fighting in Stalingrad 60 years ago, but, Like Stalin Said, it just seems like a statistic
me: Coz both parties are carrying guns

Joshua: you expect the fight
me: and no one is taken by surprise

Joshua: You don't have a bunch of assholes killing women and children

me: :( yeah CORRECT
Joshua: When the government finds Deccan Mujahadeen they should all be shot...
me: :P Funny :D Our Government said we'll give them a "Moo thod jawab" (slap in the face response) I wonder who THEM are
Joshua: or at least forced to live the rest of their lives without skin... :P
Joshua:Does it hurt when the wind blows asshole?
me: NO its doesn't
Joshua: thats what you would say to the Mujahadeen

me: but all this is very Angry VIOLENT ways of reacting
Joshua: True, you have to respond to the direct threats in kind though Vishnu
me: Josh, there will never be an end to the violence if you on this trip
Joshua: you just have to make sure that you don't let things spill over...

Joshua: Vishnu, as long as there are people there will be violence, it is the heart of all of us, even those that want it the least...
Moreover there is a time for violence, but not against the innocent, what these guys did was very wrong...
me: :( yeah I know, I can't understand though, the reasons for all these terror acts
Joshua: I feel like Justice and Mercy are the only remedies to these problems
some need to be punished and some need to be helped...
at little Mercy sooner prevents a lot of Justice later...
me: :( I Sincerely wish there was a Ruthless chef to rule this country
and take things in his hands
Joshua: That won't stop things like this...
India flows and overflows, to tame India at the point of sword or spear is foolish...
You fix India in the soil first...
You give people something to live for, and they won't turn into murderous dogs...
Give a person a life worth living where they can be a human and you won't have this...
We all need hope; for life, love, our future, our desires and our needs....
These fools think all of that comes after they die, but only hell awaits...

me: yeah. But what about the world thats already set. with everyone already in their place and their dissatisfactions and miseries; that look like are caused by others...
Joshua: Nothing is set, everything changes, and you only have to embrace that change in your heart
But you can't blame others for your misery
me:EXACTLY what one needs to KNOW. They seem to blame someone all the TIME for their miseries...
how do we PUT this word acrosssssssssss ????
me: The circumstances where they are pushed to think 5 rupees are better than their useless lives and that they sacrifice it for JIHAD

Joshua: Again, that is why we ALL have to work together, that is why I give respect to everyone, especially the lowest...
That is why I open the doors for the cleaners...
me: and NOT AGAIN by SHOOTING and saying DIE MOTHER F**KEr
Coz you killed
Joshua: I know
me: Now his entire family turns in to murderous dogs
coz now they blame me for having cleaned the previous mess
Joshua: I suppose
me: I don't know where it can be stopped :( when and How
I want to do something
Joshua: What did you do today

What did I Do ... TALK TO EVERYBODY, CRY :(
Joshua: How about you help somebody
Joshua: You live right next to a slum, what do you do for them?
me: yeah those little somethings I DO. But They are not the people hitting back, The big slums tho' once were these small slums that needed help before someone like me an "emoting side kick realised" THE MAFIA approached them a long time ago...
Joshua: Vishnu, I know you want to do more, but remember, all you can do is be smart and watch out for yourself and those around you
I don't know what
BUT not just sit here and CRY.
But do something really Bring in the required Change...
Joshua: Well you can't do what you don't know how to do...
What do you think you can do?
me: :D Guess So
Joshua: Maybe about this nothing...
me: But I know the answer will come to me, now that I have asked the question
Joshua: Mourn if you have to
me: :( yeah OK.
Joshua: But realize it is what you do everyday not that matters
me: It does too nah JOSH
What I Do everyday matters Too... How can it not ???

Joshua: Don't worry about the storm... build a house that can withstand...
me: ?????????????
Joshua: That is life
me: When MY entire family is being wiped off for whom will I build A house
What purpose will it serve.
I want my country to be safe.
Joshua: Vishnu
me: and Don't want my brothers and cousins to retaliate violently
Joshua: There aren't many safe places on Earth...
me: Strom is safer... and So are Volcanoes we know when they may come But NOT A NEIGHBOUR with a GUN
Joshua: You might not get shot in Antartica, but you will die other ays...

Joshua: Vishnu, I and almost everyone in my family owns firearms, so does Jim...
me: :( Not very nice to know that. Josh
Joshua: Guns aren't the problem...
me: I am overwhelmed at the moment will see ya in a bit :(
Joshua: O.K. take care...
me: :( that makes me want to cry...
Joshua: I wish I could tell you something to make you feel better
me: Its Ok ,man thanks already for talking to me... But tell me that the whole of last night didn't happen
Joshua: But these aren't things I can change...
me: yeah, I know It sucks Though !!!
Joshua: I know, it sucks
me: :D Its OK JOSHUA, I'll feel alright in a bit
Joshua: It sucked when these people flew jets full of people into our biggest buildings...
me: I know
Joshua: We will win
me: I understand there are terrorist attacks in other countries too - And they do stir me like any others. But to shake you, it has to occur close to you, I cry when I see photos of the Afghan war inspite of that... I am tired, of all this shooting and retaliating, then going back again for the final word...
But I do feel now what you probably felt then only that we are not as strong as US is ...
Joshua: They can't go on forever, but people like us are stronger than them
me: and for you it happened once and your govt took care of it
HERE !!! You'll see NOTHING!!!
Politicians will seize this occassion to raise their bets...
The Janta will sigh and say Ok this time ONLY 80 died.
TV will cover this event EVERYDAY for the coming week, Then Poofff fall back on the same sensational news on who bitched about who in what pop show.
I already hear people say, yeah its OK... THEY'll FORGET about it until our memory is refreshed with an other Bombing incident... This time it was OUR nation and God forbid.. The next time around it could be our city or even our house !!!
OUR GOVERNEMENT is sitting here with henna on hands... The police is most confused... They don't know where to go and what to do, So funny, Ironical

Joshua: India is strong enough too
Have a little faith
I love India too much to think that it will fail...
If you don't have your own faith, have some of mine :D
Again take care, and remember it will be all right...

me: What can I do so India doesn't fail ???