Monday, September 6, 2010

OK -whatever, I don't care.

My horror is my inability to define anything in words and most times I even have trouble decoding what a person intends to say when they use certain words, and to further make the situation worse, words like "Okay" "Whatever" "I don't care" confuse the life out of me.  Such indifference scares me. This nonchalance adds to my already fuzzy mind.

In a Finnish restaurant...  Waiter hands 2 menus to "Veggie" and her friend "The eat 'em all" 

Veggie:  Oh my god this menu is filled with options.
The eat 'em all: Yeah yeah, it is. So I want to eat salmon and feta cheese salad, a glass of wine and garlic bread. How about you ?
Veggie: Oh god, I don't know yaaaaaa... this is soo confusing... ***peers at the table next to them***
Waiterrrrr... whatt are they eating there.
Waiter: They are eating minced meat with salad.
Veggie: Do you make minced vegetables with salad ?
Waiter:  ***looking extremely confused looks at The eat 'em all***
The eat 'em all : Hey why don't you order a tomato salad then ?
Veggie: Yaaaacck: But I don't like tomatoes ya... what to do.
The eat 'em all: Ahhh I see; How about a corn and peas salad.
Veggie: Arrey that I can make even at home yaaaaaa....
The eat 'em all : What do you want to eat then ???
Veggie; Whatever. I don't care. Something filling and tasty.
Waiter: Can I suggest french baguette with aubergine and spinach in pesto sauce ?
Veggie: Oh god that sounds soo good but I am so lazy yaaaa... ***Giggles proudly*** I have no patience to chew the baguette.
 The eat 'em all: Waiter, can you please bring my order while my friend here makes her choice.
Waiter: ***Notes the order down, serves water on the table, goes into the kitchen to place the order***
Veggie: Arrey what should I eat ya.
The eat 'em all: What do you feel like eating ?
Veggie: I don't care yaaaa... whatever is fine.
The eat 'em all: How about soups ?
Veggie: a soup hmmm not a bad idea.... ***looks at the soup options*** No yaa... I'll be hungry in an hour.
The eat 'em all: Pasta ?
Veggie: ***after checking the pasta options*** Vegetarian options are so limited yaaa.... Nothing is appealing to me.
The eat 'em all: How about in Rice.
Veggie: Oh god no, it's soo fattening you see this...? ***Points to her big belly***
Waiter: Did you decide ma'am ?

The eat 'em all: Yes She did. Can you please bring a plate of "whatever" and a glass of "I don't care"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dwelling heights.

Fear is complete lack of trust... Or it is great trust in the power of manifestation of all the pessimistic thoughts, that ever crossed your mind.

I am afraid of heights. I fell off a second storied building (Nothing happened to me then, not even a scratch.) BUT I was scarred mentally, I guess. This evening when I had to rock climb, to lug myself up a straight wall and then let go of the belay to drop to ground... it was living my nightmare while awake.

Surprising bit is when I started to enjoy my nightmare. I enjoyed the climb even though I couldn't get right to the top most times; and to repel off the very first time was mind numbing. 

My fingers, arms, shoulders, thighs and ankles hurt like mad. It was torturous to eat Chinese noodles with chopsticks... however I know I am looking forward to my next climb.

Images that make me smile...

1. A site of a ship on the sea.  Moving or Docked.
2. Sea surface with all it's mysteries beyond.
3. Lovers in conversation.
4. Memories from years long gone and yester-years.
5. Finding peace, solitude and redemption.
6. God... Contemplating about him. 
7. Rediscovering nature.