Monday, September 29, 2008

Week... end strikes again...

A strange feeling began to loom as the week was coming to an end... the security of the office and people around was slowly crumbling away to expose two days of solitude. Friday night flew away like a scared bird, and boom comes Saturday morning, 4 am and the rooster was announcing the approaching DOOM... I don't want to wake up... at the usual hour... 4:00 am. Happy rooster doesn't shut up... Crackk raaa rooo crack kOOOO it sings on and on... I close my eyes tight... tighter... naa nothing still going on... with the Crack song... I pray to a Hungry gaint to appear and gulp up the tiny beast... No, Nothing stilll... sigh, more sigh, tosss turn, and sigh some more as the loud alarm Trrrrrrrinnngggg breaks the last traces of sleep... Ayyo, saturday I should be sleeping till noon or something not wake up at 5 :00 am
Well so I wake up promising to take it sloooowwww... unaware of my resolution My OVER ENTHOUSIASTIC PEPSI jumps up on me, licks me with its dragon breath mouth, showing how much she missed me while I was not awake. runs all over the place, looking like a white bundle of energy...
While I brush my teeth, Pepsi MEDITATES ON MY TOOTH BRUSH, tripping on the movements of my hands, Strangely I enjoy her looking at me with such devotion, I am the centre of her world and I relish her attention, but on a saturday morning like this when all I want to do is just sink in to my bean bag in the balcony and read my palms to see the lines change or see the slowness of the growth of my plants, Pepsi wants to go FOR A RUN. I take my time to test Pepsi's patience, concentrating on each tooth... Nothing breaks this ATOM BOMB.
She waits until am done. Looking at me and silently saying to herslef, ha ha you have to end this act at some point, can't stand and brush all day.

5 15 am, teeth brushed woken up completely, and confused as to what to do I stand in the hall, Its still dark outside, What to do ??? Zooommmmm comes the answer, Pepsi dashing for the door from behind me... reminding me that She is there and that she desires to go OUT. NOW.
I get her leash and manage to get it around her neck, (Oooffff) , put my shoes on and head out...
5 30 am We are on our way to... NOWHERE, I just follow Pepsi.. She walks ahead and I follow behind, running to the spot and sniff its history, looking very happy about her discoveries she heads off again, in a different direction... I Follow.

6 30 am Pepsi is tired and she sits on the road, we came a long way from home, so I look for an auto to head back, we are both very hungry, no autos anywhere in the Horizon... Pepsi looks at me, I know what That look means ... I ignore her, pretending to look for an auto and tug her along, she refuses to walk, ohh NO!!! GOD!!! I can't carry her and walk back on a hungry stomach, So I chant my Luck Mantra 3 times (Miracle Miracle happen again) Not a Single auto in sight, Of course its 6 35 am which auto guy starts that early on a staruday morning???
Picked Pepsi up to head back home.. sigh! sigh! more sigh, hufff pufff ... Home... Ahhh thank god. just 3 floors to climb and I'll be home, My energy bundle is experiencing the pleasure of inertia and total submission in my arms... And My arms are experiencing complete senselessness...

7 15 am Home sweet home.. I have such a beautyful house :D quite and welcoming, ohh am tired, and hungry, gave Pepsi her milk and she just sniffed it alll in less than a minute... Rogue!!!

7 40 am ummm half way after eating my cereals I was experiencing a state of exhileration of satiation and my head began to swirl with a strange morning sleep... and I just push the bowl aside rest my head on a floor cushion and I snooze... promising myself that I won't wake up before noon. brilliant light shut out by my arm across my eyes... a smile on my face, Pepsi on my side... Snoooozzzzzz

Don't know what time, I woke up ... Must be noon, My watch says 8 35 am (???)
what happened ??? Still sleepy ... TING TONG My doorbell rings again This time Pepsi works her Vocal chords with double the vengeance....
Ahhh DAMN who could it be ???
My maid servant (an another over enthu cutlet who never takes an off...) I look at her through half open door, tell her "Ahhh KALAMMA Please come tomorrow" She goes away, I try to go back in to my state of bliss... just slipping back in to the state of Nirvana again... TING TONG TING TONG, My bell rings again enraged I go to the door, I would have run out of place that day to burry the bodies if I had to have let my anger loose. I open The DOOR and VIOLA MY MOM :D smiling at me she says SURPRISE !!! Finish, My SLOW ZEN SATURDAY went in Hatha yoga route.


That strange sense of Lonely slowness just evaporated in the heat of my Mom and Pepsi's presence.
PS: I love them Both :D A LOT :D