Friday, July 30, 2010


Religion is a beautiful journey and most misunderstood concept exploited for strange purposes all over the world. I am too important to myself to adhere to what was established before I was born... To counter it ain't I a tiny spec with insufficient experience and knowledge... 
SO here I stand still searching. An agnostic.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Games are activities that bring people together to strengthen the bond between 
them. We feel that we can perform while confirming to the rules. A challenge that 
requires skill in which we need to concentrate on what we are doing. Setting clear 
goals with constant feedback on performance. Interesting games involve us clearing our minds from our everyday worries. I see that we need to exercise control over 
our environment so we are aware of all the influential factors that lead us to the 
desired conclusion.This way we become less self absorbed. Simple games in good 
company fulfill our needs.  Games tend to maximize the amount of pleasure we getfrom a simple act like aim and throw. Every one's talents are recognised and 
rewarded. Talents that would otherwise go unnoticed. 
Mölkky; an outdoor lawn game contains all the elements I mentioned above. With 
simple rules and inclusive of players of all ages. Ideal for a fun family evening.
How to play: Using Mölkky (the throwing stick) aim and hit the numbered sticks.

Score: The number of the pin that fell. OR The number pins fallen.  
Ex1: If I aim and hit making pin number 8 to fall, My score is 8.
Ex2: If I aim and hit making pin numbers 8 6 and 4 fall... My score is 3.
Winner: The first one to make 51. Sounds easy but there is a catch. When you are at 49, all you need is 2 to win, BUT if you accidentally hit a 3 or make 4 pins to fall, your score drops down to zero.


"A family that plays together stays together". Says my grand mom.

Have a great game.