Friday, February 27, 2009

Emily Loizeau

J'ai pleuré pendant des heures
Sur ta boite de petits beurres
Celle qui contenait les lettres Les photos de New Hampshire
Ton voyage en amoureux Avec Adèle de Bayeux

Je trouve son nom ridicule
On dirait une marque de pull
Elle voudrait me rencontrer
Nous avoir pour déjeuner
Son mec aussi est géner
Tu dis ça pour me rassurer

Oh oui je suis jalouse
Oui c'est ça tout simplement jalouse
Je suis jalouse

Je mange toute seule au chinois
C'est pratique c'est juste en bas
J't'ai laissé y aller tout seul
Et finallement j'assume pas Il est bientôt 13h30
Tu t'empiffres comme un chancre
Elle te tenait par le ventre
Moi je rumine et ça fermente
La bile et le glutamax Se chamaillent dans ma rate
Je me dis ça à chaque fois
Je ne mangerais plus chinois

Oh oui je suis jalouse
Oui c'est ça tout simplement jalouse Je suis jalouse

Ton Adèle t'a dit ce soir
Qu'elle voudrait bien te revoir
Te parler de temps en temps Sourions,
serrons lesdents C'est vrai c'est assez normal
J'n'y vois pas d'inconvenient
Je n'vais pas faire un scandale
Pour vous deux c'est important
mais c'est l'art de ma jalousie
De ne pas savoir te dire
Oui ca me fai un peu bizare
Que vous vouliez vous revoir

Et oui je suis jalouse
Oui c'est ca tout simplement jalouse
Oh oui je suis jalouse
Oui c'est ca tout simplement jalouse
Je suis jalouse

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Questions ????? ????? ?????

  1. What are thoughts?
  2. What are feelings?
  3. Why do we think?
  4. How is it possible to imagine ideas that are copies of things in the world?
  5. Is it possible ever not to be thinking?
  6. Do you have to have a language to think?
  7. Are the responses of newborn babies to their environments is thinking?
  8. What is kindness?
  9. Why is it important to be fair?
  10. What is the mind?
  11. What is time?
  12. Are the feelings same as the thoughts ?

Monday, February 23, 2009


I read somewhere that " A good story is one that gives rise to a thousand parallels and yet, by some inexplicable magic remains unique"

My life may seem absolutely similar to many other Indian girls, same insecurities, equally crazy blind and banal beliefs about life, topped with various idiosyncrasies.
I know that my experiences are mine uniquely and how I react to them is an absolute choice I made...
You know; I understand that when life throws at me its chances and how receive them has nothing to do with how my parents brought me up not how I was treated as a child not even how many times life and people were unfair with me.
I enjoy this "EXCLUSIVELY MINE" life...
My story might have started same as everyone else's by pushing out of my mothers womb... may also end on the pyre burnt down to ashes that resembles the ashes of all. I may have similar intervals and not so original actions...
BUT the voice I bring to my life... my very own touch.
Though identified as billion others yet unique in my own way as is my finger prints...

Tears through a flute

There is new beggar near paradise who sings like all the birds bottled their beautiful songs and hid them in his voice and plays an instrument that's flute like, (I never saw it before) … like he would a lover, soft and sweet at first, breathing in the sights and smells of a body laying in wait, and to further be plucked and breathed into a fire.
The sounds rising in a slow crescendo of excitement, laughter and crying and then the shutting of eyes and slow breathing of calm and lazy contentment as the notes drift slowly and languidly off through to dreams.
I can't sing nor play any instrument…
I had thick fat reactions gushing out of my eyes melting the fire in my heart into warm tears…
It felt sooo GOOD… To just stand on and LOOK at his face thats serene with colours of music, his eyes shut, I know that he can see nothing but darkness even if he had them open.,, Thanking the universe that I CAN see… THE dark DARK WORLD.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making Zzzzzzzzz At work !

Falling asleep on my chair
Infront of this screen
All the letters look like Zzzz
My Eyes heavy,
Ddark letters low
As text flash by all in a row
Thud... head on to the table
And I dream of slow feet
And slower trains moving us along
In a slow race
To the incandescent glow

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is it. I know.

Holy cow how now ???

Sometimes the universe works quicker than I can imagine, and the force of what I wish for is so strong... that I have jeepers creepers running up and down my spine.

I still didn't get all my medical tests back, yet the new company asked me to scan my signature so they can send me my appointment letter...
This means I don't need to be bugged of working in 4 or 5 different organisations to make enough sum to survive and to organise time.

I'm excited as hell to get working on this stuff. There have been too many waylaid plans... too many distractions. But you know...the Universe clears things from your path sometimes so you can see what you should be doing again.

Damn it feels great to feel this excited again.I'm so happy... And more over living in chennai I can polish my TAMIL :D

This my plan will tip off all that was so well balanced in life, yet I can't wait.I can't wait to get all of this together.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I want to be known as SOME ONE

who uses her hands to maximum advantage.

I've been drawing inward lately. interrogating. Asking myself about human limitations, his limited understanding.

You know, I think that we really don't know what to understand something, or the meaning of understanding... most of us. Me INCLUDED.

I am reluctant to look at something, anything by relating to it in some way, otherwise the meaning is lost... SAD !
Instead I want to affirm that " something is the way it is SIMPLY because it is"

yes So I want to be Known as someone who uses her hands... Soils them, to sweeten the mouth.

My today's Crazeeness !!!

I have been filling up some posts and today I decided to publish them all...

Also I am being eaten up by a question, ARE REACTIONS LIKE CRY, LAUGH, out of emotions or vice-versa ???

Dear GOD coming Christmas in my house I need...

  • Water falls with Dolphins dancing.
  • Lots of TREES.
  • I need a vacuum cleaner.
  • A super big Chandelier with rubies and emeralds.
  • A huge round cot with super soft bed and satin sheets.
  • A cupboard full of NEW clothes, with all the matching accessories.
  • Jewels made with all the precious stones in the world.
  • Ever lasting supply of chocolates.
  • A HUGE Swimming pool.
  • Big IMAX screen and collection of world cinema.
  • A really fast Internet connection.
  • Akshya patra ( A never ending source of food )
  • watches... MANY MANY.. unless it comes under accessories and is counted already.
  • A really huge house to accomidate all these.


Just a VACUUM cleaner and BUB !!!

My life packed up in your suitcase...

I dreamt of you again last night...
That dream that I dread So much,

Some nights I know it slipping into my peaceful slumber,
Creeping like a black and white monster...

How can a dream with you in it be monstrous ???
well; if you stayed, it would be a beautiful PINK dream,
But you took that bus to leave,
With all my life packed up in your suitcase...

I was standing there looking on,
tied down... screams stifled, eyes dry, forced smile, waving hands, fading image...

I was standing there looking on...
to wake up in my lonely bed groping to FIND your absence.