Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy new year.

My flight from Hyd-Bangalore was a little uncomfortable, vomited all through the flight, and I was joking with A about how leaving Hyderabad made me Sick... We had to pay for 5kg's extra weight in Bangalore and if not for A's smart packing I'am sure we would have ended paying a lot more. AFTER A LONG, NO NO AFTER A SUPER LONG NEVER ENDING 4 HOURS in Bangalore we finally got into "AIR FRANCE" And Flew towards EUROPE and I just Blacked out on the flight to wake up to Great French Coffee, and a Documentary on fashion, Landed in PARIS 2 hours later than scheduled. Paris to me sadly didn't feel so new, with seeing so many french people most of my work life, it felt less impactful than I expected, BUT when we took Finnair My stomach started to stirr up with excitement, which still is at the same level even today. 

From the time I got here I have only been crossing out all the prejudices, Finns are super AWESOME. The cold is not so unbearable, once you are well dressed.  Even tho' everyone speaks English it is difficult to shop as all the products are marked in finnish or swedish so it is necessary to know the local language a bit. The food here is NOT unbearably bland, it is succulent and high on Fiber (:p) The sunshine is extraordinary and reflects off of snow causing the eyes to tear. The apartment I now stay in is not as tiny as I was told it was, Also our bed is at a beautiful height; Cats would certainly enjoy such elevation. 

I have visited A's office, MY god it is a TRUE DESIGNERS ADDA. Met his colleagues, Different nationals and very cool people, each with such strong personalities and extremely like-able. Since the time I got here I have visited the CITY CENTRE and Learnt how to look for train timings and get on the trains. The week-end we met up with a friend and AND Yesterday A's friend took us flying over Hyvinkaa, I tasted the Typical Finnish dish Muikka (Yummmy). I tasted Kiwi (the fruit) Touched snow. 

I have been going for walks around the house while A is at work; discovering super-markets, srilankan pizza joints, waving to the people taking their dogs for walks; I miss Pepsi Soo Soo much, I miss EVERYONE of you there. I miss Rajitha soo much, and keep watching her PURRR Video... MOST Of ALL I miss CURD RICE, one thing we don't get here, curd is mixed with some fruit. But when I think of food I miss Mom's capsicum curry and tomato charu... and Hyderabad ka Samosa. YUMMMM Just one week and I have home food cravings. :) 

A VERY HAPPY UGADI TO YOU and EAT SOME EXTRA Ugadi pachadi for me.